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Southend Poetry 35, the latest anthology from the Southend Poetry Group, is now printed and available.

Three of us from Southend Poetry Group attended the event at Folded Space and met Lawrence and Paul from Art Can, who had set up a display of art, some theirs and some from local artists. Art Can is a group which is mostly focussed on London but had put on exhititions elsewhere, this was their first time in Southend.

The few of us who were there sat round in a circle and read poetry, Lawrence also played guitar and sang. It turned out to be a pleasant evening. It so happened that I was planning for a double reading session, before and after the interval, as set out on the timetable and had looked out a couple of Carol's poems from the anthology.


Gold - 30 years of Southend Poetry




Gold: 30 years of Southend Poetry


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