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Southend Bandstand, Priory Park, 13th June 2009
Southend Poetry Group reading and music from The Seasiders

It was a delightful Saturday afternoon, the sun came and so did the crowds, to see The Seasiders and the poetry group.


The Seasiders kicked off with a roaring set of songs, with catchy tunes and clever lyrics

Steve Pilley MC'd and peformed in his own inimitable style, with his poems from this years anthology, and of course Randle the Man Who Invented the Hat.

John Debenham asked why people choose to wear the clothes they wear in his poem Uniforms.

Adrian Green read about waiting for a bus to Los Angeles that never came, and the trials and tribulations of trying to sell poetry books

Dennis Ahern had everyone in stiches as he told us about an amazing plan to run cars on human fat, and of his love for Belinda.

Bernice Bedford put science under poetry's microscope.

Derek Adams
                                                  photo by: Rick Giner
Derek Adams performed poems about his first love, a Chopper bicycle, and about an exhumation.

Bunty Harris had war in her sights


Paulette Green gave us a rhyming history of Priory Park

John Hennebry tolds us of the secrets in his attic

Jan Green gave us some haiku