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Colin Newton

Paphos Peach

Hey man, have you seen my girl ? -
Could have stepped right out of a golden sea shell Skin pale as banana when newly peeled,
Hair golden as the sun up in the sky field,
Eyes blue as the water lapping on the beach;
She's my Aphrodite woman, my Paphos peach.

I drove with my woman up to Coral Bay,
In the water we swam, on the sand we lay.
Her spells had more power than a shaman' s art
As she worked her magic on my willing heart.
The sea breeze kept us cool through the afternoon, And her body kept me warm after the sun went down

But when I awoke she was gone on her way,
Tired of me and chasing some other prey.
I crawled back to Paphos alone and in pain,
But I won't be fooled by that harlot again.
I'm consigning lust's goddess to the river Lethe,
And I'll wait till my true love finds her way to me.