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Southend Poetry 36

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This is the 36th anthology of poems from the members of Southend Poetry Group, which has been publishing an anthology since 1985.    Although called Southend Poetry we do not limit the subjects of poems submitted. This edition, the work of 21 poets, reflects their various interests and concerns.

Some poets have been publishing in our anthologies for years, some only in recent years and two are new this year.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, have different styles but have found in Southend Poetry Group a place to meet those with a similar interest in the craft of writing poetry and communicating meaning through careful choice of language and memorable images in words.

Alongside ‘Wilko at the Railway’ and ‘Kursaal’ are poems about parcour ‘Traceurs’,  birds ‘Dunnock’ and ‘Chaffinch’ as well as reflections on society, world events, childhood and even ‘The Garden Gnome’

A wide-ranging collection in style and substance.