The Littoral Press

Littoral Press Nature Poetry Collection Competition 2019


The littoral press will be holding a yearly competition for
a full collection of nature/spiritual/environmental poetry.

2018 competition winner announced - click here


60 copies of the winning collection will be published by the Littoral Press.
10 copies will be retained by the littoral press for ‘legal deposit’ and the press’s archives. 50 copies will be delivered free of charge to the winning poet - UK mainland only.
For entries from outside this area delivery charges will have to apply, unfortunately.

Realising how difficult it may be to submit a full poetry collection made up entirely of Nature, spiritual or environmental poems, as long as the majority of the poems (i.e. more than half) are either directly or indirectly concerned with nature, spirituality or the environment, the collection will be deemed an acceptable submission.

The adjudicator will not give any preference as far as the number of nature poems in relation to the number of poems on other subjects. Although, as stated earlier, the objective of the competition was to publish more nature poetry, the whole collection will be judged on the merits of all the poems in the collection and not just the nature/spiritual/environmental work.

The book will be A5 in format, perfect bound, with full colour covers (gloss laminated or matt laminated according to the winning author’s choice), between 50 pages minimum and 100 pages maximum in length.

It will have an ISBN number and therefore be subject to ‘Legal Deposit’. This means that one copy will be sent to each of the major universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Dublin and Edinburgh, where they will be archived; and a further copy will be deposited with the British Library. There will be no need for a contract. The copyright will remain exclusively with the poet to do whatever he or she wishes with those rights.

The deadline for the competition is November 30th 2019.

Results will be published on the Littoral Press website sometime in February 2019. Entrants will be charged £20.00 per manuscript.

Please read full details of the competition and its rules and conditions here