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Hazel Heasley

Ulster Easter

Beauty walked but walked alone
Tumult rode rode her down
Crossmaglen and Newry bled her with their fury
Promised her fulfillment and gave her bitter rue
Passion panted on her, tried her and tied her
To a painted idol bent beside the road

Crossmaglen and Newry, I give you back your fury
Take your painted idols, dolls are not for me
Rather would I wander by green fields or
Gasp the breath of honour than listen to your song

The purple shield of battle you took from a lover
Who spurted out his life blood before your day began
He caught men; not warlocks, fishermen not heathen
Taught them to laugh and gave them a new song
This is not your warble, I know not your chanting
It passes all in horror of what you have done
Bombs and broken bodies, He broke bread not children
Tear up your war chants, and learn a newer song.